Announcing the winners!

Thank you to all submitters to the "Designs For Outdoor Learning" ideas competition to imagine how children of all grade levels can socialize, mentor and engage with the outdoors in playful, hands-on ways! Ideas ranged in scale, from individual elements to modular systems that could grow and change shape. The winning design will be launched in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for more details!

For more information about the "Designs For Outdoor Learning" ideas competition — including submission guidelines, partner organizations, and selection committee members — please CLICK HERE.

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If you are interested in implementing any of these ideas in your community and want to get in touch with the designer, contact us and we would be happy to make an introduction. All copyrights for images remain the property of the authors and should be credited accordingly.

Winning Project: The Learning Village

Design Team
Collaboration55: Lazlo Kovacs and Victoria Vuono; @collaboration55

Community Partners
Edgemont Montessori Elementary School PTA, and Roots and Shoots

Project Description

"With these unprecedented times, families are in need of a safe environment to come together. The Learning Village is a space for families to reconnect in an engaging and fun way. The system consists of a series of tents and a caddy. The Tents are made of simple PVC pipes and connections, wrapped in a waterproof canvas. Each component is labeled so families can construct their own tent and organize their tents to accommodate a multitude of community events. As many educational activities have become virtual, the process of constructing the tents can be a safe and hands-on educational activity for kids. The caddy can store 12 tents as well as books and other activity materials for easy event set up. Once the event has ended, the caddy can be easy rolled into a storage space until the next event."

Honorable Mention: Climbing The Walls

Design Team
Ruth Litman; @ruth.litman

Project Description

"I’ve witnessed firsthand with my son that the struggle of online learning is real. Kids need to move around, socialize and see the faces behind the screens. Research shows that being active leads
to increased student engagement, higher academic performance, and improved overall behavior. This is why an outdoor learning option is crucial in today’s reality. I decided to deconstruct the popular geodesic dome to make an engaging dynamic space for kids to learn. They can be swinging, climbing the monkey bars or sitting in a comfortable position of their choice. Using a “dome connector kit” with 2”/4” timber, significantly lowers the price of this easily assembled structure. Some of the dome’s triangles are covered with clear blue plexiglass, and some have wooden climbing bars. This structure is rain proof, offers shade, allows circulation of fresh air, and creates a fun uplifting space for kids to stay motivated."