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Launching our first Ideas Competition!

"Unwritten: Towards a New Montclair Story"

Ready to Submit?

Submissions deadline for Stage One is September 23, 2019, 11:59pm EST.

Click here to download full instructions and FAQs.


Montclair Design Week begins with the audacious claim that we are all designers of a better future, regardless of our backgrounds, skillsets or lived experiences. With the launch of Unwritten: Towards a New Montclair Story , MDW’s first ever ideas competition, we put this claim into action by offering a public platform to 1) rewrite the stories of the challenges we face, and 2) co-shape visions of a future we’d like to see. 

How It Works

The competition is held in three stages. In Stage One, people from all walks of life are invited to assemble a small team and submit a 250-word proposal in response to one of four theme-specific categories: Mobility and Transportation; Inclusive City; Food Systems; and Livable City.

A total of eight teams (two teams per category) are then selected to advance to Stage Two, in an emceed, 8-hour-long, high-energy "flash" competition, held publicly at the MDW Hub, on Sunday, October 19, 2019. Teams go head-to-head "Chopped" style, developing their proposals into visualizations that are presented to a diverse panel of community allies.

In Stage Three, team proposals remain on display in the Hub until Sunday, October 27, when the public decides which proposal advances into action with a $1,000 micro-grant from the Awesome Foundation.  Finally, all proposals are recorded and made available in an MDW-designed and edited publication.

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