Event Proposals

> Public programming at its best, designed by you! We have so many great options open this year!

> Workshops

> Pecha Kucha Talks

> For Youth, by Youth Day

> Design Dens

> And "Other, " our newest category, where we invite you to dream up something of your own creation. Check out examples!


Venue Spaces

> Are you the owner of a cool space in Montclair? A business, commercial property, gym, studio, vacant storefront, conference room, cafe, restaurant or garden? The possibilities are endless!

> Check out this unique way to participate in our programming by hosting an MDW event, and opening your doors to our community! 

Learn more and submit!

Culinary Event Collaborators

> Are you a chef or baker? A foodie or forager? A maker or tinkerer? A farmer or gardener? A designer or artist?  A musican or filmmaker? Someone with special talents?

> Join us in creating one extraordinary night, with feasting, music and conversation on the menu. Designed by you, our fellow collaborators!

Share your talent!

Competition Teams

> MDW is excited to announce our first ever design competition! 

> Design competitions are a spirited way to mobilize our community across disciplines and backgrounds, in an effort to bring forward innovative approaches to the challenges we face. Ideas that are with community, not for community.

Coming July 17!

Open Calls are live. Submit today!

Submissions deadline is extended!

Now due July 22, 2019, 11:59pm EST.

We invite you to discover and celebrate the designer in you, and write the stories of design that will transform Montclair and the world around us for the better.

For MDW, design is the act of making things, with close attention to the story about how it’s made, who it’s made for, and why it matters. The chair you’re sitting on has a story — but so do our homes, parks, roadways, cities, school systems, health care, and social interactions.

Many of these stories are unwritten. Design can help us see them, find them, and (re)write them. This year, we invite you to venture with us into the “Unwritten,” our theme for 2019.Let’s design the future we want, and the stories we want to tell.

Before applying to any of our open calls, please read the corresponding FAQs to learn more about our guidelines, timelines, and ways to make your application shine.