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Phone Booth Stories

Almost as soon as Coronavirus descended on New York City, we felt the waves of chaos and emotion swallow our days. Rather than let these moments slip, we created a safe place to call in and record our moments of inspiration, of need and of the many ways we’ll be impacted.

Welcome to Phone Booth Stories, where today's moments help shape tomorrow's possibilities for a more resilient future in this age of COVID-19. Call anytime, our phone booth is open 24/7.


Dial 973 744-2544 x 2, and listen for these instructions:

Press 1 if you'd like to record an idea that you think could help our town.

  • Do you have a great idea that you think can improve the lifeblood of our community?

  • Have you come across an idea somewhere else that you think could work here?

Press 2 if you'd like to record a real need you've noticed around town.

  • Have you witnessed a family that's struggling, a business that's closing permanently or an infrastructure that's failing? Tell us what it is, and what you think about it.

  • What do you think will be a positive outcome?

  • What do you think will be a negative outcome?


With your help, we'll be able to create a digital switchboard, connecting great ideas and real needs with creative capacity. Your recordings may also be used to create audio collages of your inspirations, your needs and the many ways our community will be impacted by COVID-19.

PLEASE NOTE: By leaving your anonymous recording, you agree to Montclair Design Week's Code of Conduct, and you give Montclair Design Week full permission to use your recording for any purpose, in any medium.


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