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2-Shield Kit Donation

Help protect communities in need with a face shield kit donation!

Vaccinations may be on the horizon, but across the country, communities of color are still struggling just to get basic PPE protection. That's why we're partnering with organizations throughout the US to streamline the process between those who can give kits, and those who need them most. When you donate a kit, your purchase covers the costs of the kit and shipping, we handle the rest.


The same design that's been protecting over 30,000 healthcare workers throughout NJ and NY since April is now available as a kit donation! Features they love:

  • Rewashable

  • Lightweight

  • Adjustable 

  • Assembles in minutes!


Designed and made in Montclair!

The elegant simplicity of this face shield design is the outcome of dozens of iterations that were tried and developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also the same design that's been protecting over 30,000 frontline healthcare workers at local hospitals, medical facilities and testing sites.


It’s an ego-free design – made with love and insights from doctors, nurses, makers, artists, architects and yes, designers. And it’s also an open-source design, available to anyone to improve on and send back out into the world. We love our story. We love our face shields. We know that the organizations you choose to donate our face shields to, will love them, too!

2-Shield Kit Donation

  • All sales are final. We cannot accept returns at this time due to safety concerns. If there are any defects, replacement parts can be provided by emailing

  • Shipping and handling fees are calculated based on the delivery of 10 kits at a time, to the recipient's shipping zone. If you're purchasing a 2-kit or 5-kit donation, shipment of your donation will occur once we've reached an amount of 10 kits.

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