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PACKAGE A: Dense Panel

An Evening With Ben Uyeda


Wed 10/23 7:30–9:00 pm

This year’s featured speaker is a designer, TedX presenter, and influencer who is democratizing the world of responsible, eco-friendly design. Ben Uyeda founded HomeMade Modern, an online platform that is bringing design to the masses—it has more than a million subscribers. His talk will cover his “trickle-up design” idea as well as his most recent projects, including an off-the-grid shipping container home in the California desert. The talk will be followed by a discussion with MDW Founder Petia Morozov and a Q&A with our audience.


Sponsor this event and receive the following Package A benefits:

  • MDW social media badge provided
  • Exposure/logo placement on event page of Design Week website
  • Exposure/logo placement on day-of-event signage

PACKAGE A: Dense Panel

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