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PACKAGE A: Dense Launch Party

Bar Crawl


Celebrate the art of mixology by visiting the local bars and restaurants that are gearing up for our Cocktail Contest (October 24). Visit for their names and hours of operation, and try their Montclair-inspired cocktails! To vote for your favorite drink, take a photo of it, tag it with the bar’s name, and post the photo on social media (hashtag #MDWDAC). Please drink responsibly.


This is an ongoing event from 10/11-10/20 with 8 participating bars. Each bar will have a Montclair-inspired cocktail competing in our "Drink in Design" cocktail contest on Oct 24.


Sponsor this event and receive the following Package A benefits:

  • MDW social media badge provided
  • Exposure/logo placement on event page of Design Week website
  • Exposure/logo placement on day-of-event signage

PACKAGE A: Dense Launch Party

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