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PACKAGE A: Workshops

Create your own sponsored event collection! Choose from the following:

  • WORKSHOP: Impressions of Montclair, in Clay
  • WORKSHOP: The CLAV for Your Business or Brand
  • WORKSHOP: Life in Miniature: 3-D Storytelling
  • WORKSHOP: Citizen’s Guide to Renovating Public Space
  • WORKSHOP/WALK: Make Way for Puppets!
  • WORKSHOP: Branding Your Design Business
  • WORKSHOP: Boro: Japanese Clothes Mending
  • WORKSHOP: Curating Design With KonMari
  • WORKSHOP: Discover Your Unwritten
  • WORKSHOP: Your Roadmap to Well-Being
  • DESIGN DEN: Montclair’s Architectural Future
  • WORKSHOP: Earth Combing
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Judging Books, Designing Covers
  • WORKSHOP: What Are Streets For? Let’s Decide and Design
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Psychology of the Creative Space


Pick 3 out of a total 16 public programming events to sponsor, and receive the following Package A benefits:

  • MDW social media badge provided
  • Exposure/logo placement on event page of Design Week website
  • Exposure/logo placement on day-of-event signage

PACKAGE A: Workshops

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