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PACKAGE A: Design Is Series


PK NIGHT #1: Get Green Now! (ages 10+)


Sun 10/20 7:00–8:30 pm

How can we citizens improve our environment? MDW presents this special Pecha Kucha Night to tackle the question. At this fast-paced event, eight presenters will build a 48-point “change manifesto” before our eyes, and demonstrate what we can start accomplishing now. Discussion and light refreshments follow. Manifesto available in hard copy. Host: Iain Kerr (SPURSE Research + Design Collective). Presenters and their topics are:

Jaime Izurieta: The Commons, mutual aid, and the sharing economy. Iain Kerr: Montclair’s ecosystem. Michael Lardner: Housing and how we live together. Nora Lardner: Citizen energy initiatives and off-the-grid power. Christine Leonhardt: A livable town: bike lanes and new forms of mobility. Fred Murphy, Steve Knight: Degrowth: how to put life ahead of growth. Ruthie Nguyentran: Eating to transform our physical and social environments.


PK NIGHT #2: Strange Places (ages 14+)


Wed 10/23 8:00–9:30 pm

Pecha Kucha Night is a fun and inspiring night out enjoying thought-provoking content delivered in a brisk format—20 images, 20 seconds per image. Come hear our eight presenters report back on the unwritten journeys they’ve taken, from the known to the unknown: Tracy Breslin: Is Garbage the new Uber? Designing a supply chain for waste. Samuel Falzone: Letting our cooped-up ideas go. Gary Fredriksen: A playground designed for inclusion, accessibility, and imagination. Paul King, Jamie Siwinski: The power of skateboarding to activate unused public spaces. Wendy Lacey: Expanding opportunities for people with disabilities. Frank Molignano: Beating Lyme disease with integrative homeopathy. MHS Students: Reimagining Lackawanna Plaza with radical options to current plan.


Sponsor this event and receive the following Package A benefits:

  • MDW social media badge provided
  • Exposure/logo placement on event page of Design Week website
  • Exposure/logo placement on day-of-event signage

PACKAGE A: Design Is Series

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