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The big idea, the people, and the goals.

Three years ago, I took the leap of a lifetime and founded Montclair Design Week (MDW) in the place I was born. In this short time, we've grown into DesignShed, a year-round organization with five programs offered as tools to celebrate our community's creative capacities and mobilize them into action for a more resilient and equitable future. MDW remains our crown jewel each year, held in the third week of October.

For DesignShed, design is the act of making things, with close attention to the story about how it’s made, who it’s made for, and why it matters. Design starts with being curious about those stories. The chair you’re sitting on has a story — but so do our homes, parks, roadways, cities, school systems, health care, and even our social interactions.

Design without kindness leads to exclusion. That's why we hold all Desi participants - organizers, representatives, volunteers, event hosts, sponsors, and attendees - to our Code of Conduct.

Thanks so much for stopping by. We're always an email or phone call away. We look forward to meeting your inner designer!

Warm regards,

Petia Morozov, Founder and Executive Director

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