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Between Two 19s

We’re excited to announce “Between Two 19s,” our next Project PIVOT initiative that launched on Instagram Live this Sunday, May 31. Every day at 4pm EST, we caught up with creators and co-hosts of some of last year’s most memorable Design Week events, and meandered somewhere between the aspirations and insights from MDW’19, and the infinitely unscripted worlds invented by COVID-19. We’ll reflect on how last year’s theme of “Unwritten” played a part in shaping their event, and we’ll brainstorm what new twists their event might take in today’s unprecedented context. Whatever direction we take, we’ll do it all without a script ourselves.


Subscribe to @montclairdesignweek and check out these amazing convos:

  • Sunday, May 31: John and Jess @DwnShifters talk about “Inside the Van Life.”

  • Monday, June 1: Iain Kerr @spurse and Jaime Izurieta @storefrontmastery talk about “Get Green Now!”

  • Tuesday, June 2: Esi and Peter Gillo @diffvelopment talk about “Passion, Design and Black Entrepreneurship.”

  • Wednesday, June 3: “Sup-Culture Communal Dinner” Double Header! Stan Pipkin @spurse01 and Altarik Banks @homastudios talk about eating and making from local ingredients; Amy Gofton @studionectar and Scott Gurian @farfromhomepodcast talk about creating atmospheres with our senses.

  • Thursday, June 4: Andrew Harrison @ajharrison22 and Neil Chambers @designfornature talk about “Ideas Competition Day.”

  • Friday, June 5: Georgette Moger-Petraske @georgettelillianmp and Marlowe Johnson @marlowejohnson talk about “‘Drink in Design’ Cocktail Contest.”

  • Tuesday, June 9: Nina Cooke-John @studiocookejohn and John Sullivan @bikewalkmtc talk about “What Are Streets For? Let’s Decide and Design.”

  • Wednesday, June 10: Madeline Schwartzman @seeyourselfsensing and Lune Ames @luneames talk about “Face Nature,” performance piece at “Sub-Culture Communal Dinner.”

  • Thursday, June 11: Kathryn McGuire @clerestoryfineart and Steve Kelly @stevekellyart talk about "The Psychology of Creative Space."


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